For different reasons many people and companies choose to channel their disputes through out-of-court procedures, such as arbitration or mediation

Sometimes it is discretion or confidentiality what lead people to an arbitration proceeding or to the involvement of a mediator. On other occasions it is the multidisciplinary nature of the conflict what advises to subtract the knowledge of the matter from the ordinary Courts of Justice and to demand the intervention of a third party with a different academic training from the members of the judiciary. There are also those who choose these alternative formulas, because of the high degree of specialized knowledge that the case requires, not always guaranteed by the ordinary justice.

In SCL Abogados we count on professionals who serve as arbitrators and others that defend the interests of their clients in arbitration proceedings, mainly in business issues and family disputes.

We also work in the drafting clauses or arbitration submission agreements, as well as in the enforcement of the final arbitral award.

We also have mediators, whose main function is to help parties with opposing interests to avoid conflicts or to reach a fair and satisfactory solution in those already raised, providing the technical knowledge and experience required for the case.

In SCL Abogados we also work on bring appeals against judgments and in the lodgement of extraordinary appeals before the Supreme Court, such as the cassation appeal or the remedy for infringement of procedural law, even in the event of not having taken part in the first instance or in the original proceeding.

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