Civil Law is the cornerstone of the entire Spanish legal system and the branch of law that regulates the most immediate issues that affect people and their assets or rights.

Civil Law is the law of people and, therefore, it is present in the actions we carry out daily, regulating areas as varied as family, inheritances, the signing of contracts such as the purchase of a new house, a rental or a mortgage, donations, as well as other matters related to the incapacitation of a person, his or her rights as an owner of a house, etc.

In the Balearic Islands, it rules an own civil law that is very present in family contexts, as it regulates, basically, marriage and inheritance issues.

In SCL Abogados we are specialists in both, common Civil Law and Balearic Regional Civil Law, and we work with all the subjects that comprise this area of the law, such as:

  • Person rights.
  • Contract Law.
  • Obligations. Contractual liability and tort liability.
  • Rights in rem, registration law and real property law.
  • Donations and inheritance right. Inheritance planning. Distribution and adjudication of inheritances. Inheritance court proceedings.
  • Family Law: separations and divorces, care and custody measures, declaration of inability, judicial authorizations, etc.
  • Tenancy agreements and commonhold property.
  • Credit claim.
  • Protection of consumers and users.

Some of our lawyers are available to practice as executor in inheritance legal proceedings.

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